Best Backup Camera With Night Vision In 2024 – Top 10 Models Reviewed!

Every driver has a tale of how it is difficult to reverse using the rear mirror. It is very easy to knock things and your ride will be up for unplanned repairs. It is time you put an end to that hassle every time you have to reverse.

In this article, I will detail for you the best backup camera with night vision. I will cover the important features of each camera, point out the pros and cons, and close it down with my verdict.

If it is time you put an end to that hassle of reversing, here is the solution you have been waiting for. In doing the research, I made sure to filter the best products for modern cars. I also made sure to go over as many customer reviews as possible.

Therefore, what you have here is well-researched information aimed to help make your decision easy. Now, let’s get into the business of the day. 

10 Backup Camera Options with Night Vision – Comparison

Our Best Pick

Wireless Backup Camera and Monitor

 Kit Reverse Rearview Cam Digital Signal 2018

Wireless Backup Camera and Monitor Kit Reverse Rearview Cam Digital Signal 2018
  • Easy to see monitor
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for all Vehicle

Best Night Vision Backup Camera Reviews

Are you going out to shop for the best backup cameras with topnotch night vision? Take this from me; the search will not be easy. First of all, you will be confronted by not a hundred but hundreds and models. Secondly, there are so many factors to consider and making a wrong decision is only a second from you. I thought about the hassle and how overwhelming it could be. That is why this top 10 list for the best backup night cameras would have never come at a better time. Without further ado, let’s begin with our camera reviews.

1. Wireless Backup Camera and Monitor Kit Reverse Rearview Cam Digital Signal 2018

Wireless Backup Camera and Monitor Kit Reverse Rearview Cam Digital Signal 2018 Review

Are you the kind that would speed up when backing up, right? Many of us would love the thrill of reversing at high speed. But without the proper safety precautions you will be putting your life in grave danger.

No worries because you have your needs taken care of by this reverse rearview kit cam.

Here is your chance for a 7-inch monitor to display whatever lies at your rear. Besides, this backup cam kit comes with 140-Gold viewing point to make it easy and safe to reverse. And to crown it all, it is IP69 waterproof rated. Meaning you can dare any wet weather and you’re your images clear.

You can reverse at 75mph and still see clearly what is behind you. The signal is clear, smooth and you get zero interference even when the weather is foggy or rainy. The images are super HD and the night vision is beyond any comparison.

It is also very easy to put up the system even without any prior experience. All you have to do is bring on your handyman antics on and go through the manual and you will be done in a short while. It is compatible to small as well as big vehicles so you have nothing to worry about the kind of vehicle you drive.

To me, this is a great offer that significantly improves your safety while reversing. It is time you put a stop to those blushes every time you reverse, grab this set and you will get fish eyes at the back.

Important Features:

  • 7-inch monitor
  • Infrared lights: 28 of them
  • 140-Gold point of viewing
  • Wireless signal
  • HD images
  • CMOS sensor


  • Easy to install
  • Highly compatible to any type of vehicle
  • Crystal clear HD images
  • Wide display monitor
  • Beautiful design
  • Clears most of the blindspots


  • The hue properties are not great
  • A bit pricey

2. AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Backup Camera Kit

AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Backup Camera Kit Review

If you are the kind that can’t stand reversing, then you need help as soon as now. Who wants to sweat while trying to reverse? Actually, nobody and this should not be happening to you.

Now you get your wish in this well-designed backup camera. It is an amazing piece that will light up those hidden spots.

You will be able to see your rear just like you had some eyes at the back of your head. The monitor is 4-inch and it is LCD. Do you know what that means? You will get top quality clear images. You are also getting a monitor mount that you can re-use. If for one reason or another you decide to take this kit down and buy another, you can still use the same mount.

The angle of view is 170 degrees and you guess right; this is one of the most generous offers you are getting right here. Not to forget, the cam is IP67 waterproof rating. You will take on the fog, mist and rain without any fears. Another thing you will love about this set is the fact that it rotates 360 degrees.

You will also be happy with the inclusion of a USB cable. Once you have this kit up and working, you will be able to park in the tightest spot even at night. If you are a fan of DIY then the installation gives a good practice.

You do not have to seek any help to get it done. With the user directions, you will do it in a record time. With very clear images, automatic turn-on when you reverse, and zero interference to any wiring; what more could you ever ask for? You are getting exactly what you deserve for the right amount of money.

I find this as the best rearview night vision camera to get rid of all blind spots. Day or night, you will have an answer for whatever challenges that come your way.

Important Features:

  • 4-inch LCD monitor
  • Waterproof transmitter: IP 67
  • Re-usable monitor mount
  • 170-degree view angle
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • DIY-friendliness
  • One more USB port


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Waterproof transmitter is a big plus
  • Works just as described
  • Wide view angle
  • Clear images
  • Straightforward wiring


  • Not the best option for larger vehicles
  • Images get grainy especially when the voltage is less than 12v

3. Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera

Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera Review

Are you a truck driver? It must be a hell of time when you have to backup into those small spots. For those extra large trucks, we all agree it is never easy to reverse.

Chances of hitting a wall or missing a blind spot are very high and you know where that could take you. You can put a stop to all these mess with Emmako wireless backup cam.

What you are getting is 150-degree view angle and 450 feet of distance range in a straight path. You will have eyes on the ground and for the larger part of your rear. If you ask me, this is such a thoughtful addition as you can clearly see anything that would risk your safety.

The images are HD and colored; what more would you need to see clearly? And you see them on a 7-inch screen. It is a package of great features. With this on, you can dare any dark night as you reserve and have your back unscathed.

Video input comes in a double way so that you can as you stay safe by seeing what is at your back as you reverse; you also have a room for some music. Before I forget, I also loved the ease of installation and clear images. That’s not all; the waterproofing rate is IP69, the best of them all.

Everything about this cam unit is simple and easy; you are getting the best offer in the market. You have never seen a better aid when it comes to reversing. Don’t wait anymore, go out and make the purchase today and do away with reversing hardship.

Important Features:

  • Double-way video input
  • 450-feet distance range of view
  • 150 degree angle of view
  • IP69K waterproof capabilities
  • 3 mounting ways
  • 7-inch display screen
  • HD colored images


  • Great quality
  • Easy button navigation
  • Does the job perfectly
  • Easy installation
  • Great quality image


  • A little bit larger
  • The color is not top quality but makes do

4. LeeKooLuu Backup Camera and Monitor Kit

LeeKooLuu Backup Camera and Monitor Kit Review

Whenever I buy anything, I make sure it will do the job beyond my expectations. It is no different when buying a backup cam for my ride and it should not be any different for you.

If you are like me; functionality and affordability are two things you look for when making purchases. Now you have a reason to smile because you are getting your wish delivered on silver platter by this cam.

This reverse cam serves both performance and functionality to satisfaction. Do not be fooled by the low price; you are getting a powerful backup camera set. The installation is easy and you do not need any experience. You will be done in a few minutes and you can light your way backwards.

I feel more attracted to the LED lights and the fact that you can get a 135-degree view area. The images are clear, exactly what you would need to backup during the night or when parking on a tight corner. The screen is 4.3 inches and not as small as you might think.

You are also getting a waterproofing rating of IP68, which will have your back even on the worst wet weather. For videos, you are getting two input options. Not forgetting that the set comes with video and power cables.

With this set you are getting a chance not only to stay safe but also take care of safety of others. With the clear eyes at the back of your car or truck, those backing up accidents will no more be your concern.

Important Features:

  • HD clear images
  • 4.3-inch display screen
  • 135-degree view
  • Two-option video input
  • Waterproof cam: IP68
  • Power and video cables


  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Space for a second camera on the screen
  • Waterproof makes perfect for any weather
  • Easy installation
  • Very clear images
  • Very affordable


  • Cord is not long enough for trucks
  • Some red-gray color at night but does not kill clarity
  • The instructions could use some improvement

5. Upgrade Version NATIKA 720P Backup or Front View Camera

Upgrade Version NATIKA 720P Backup or Front View Camera Review

You can bring in the rain, mist or fog and this rearview cam will not be shaken even a little bit. It comes with IP69K rate of waterproof capabilities; the highest rating you can expect in today’s market.

It is going to give the bad weather a hell of a fight.

Now with such an assurance you are not worried any bit when it is time to reverse. The night vision on this camera is the latest trend in market and you will appreciate the clarity it comes with. The images are clear and large and that gets better with a view angle of 145 degrees.

Those blindspots that would give you headaches will now be cleared. Oh boy, your reversing has never been better, safe and easy. The fact that you can fit on a range of vehicles makes it a perfect pick for you.

The images are HD and you get them through a F1.8 lens and served to your eyes on a 7-inch monitor. The metal casing keeps guard just in case you get hit from behind. I would not forget that you will find it easy to install.

If you like things that do not give you headache with anything, this camera unit should be your choice. It gets the job done to perfection and keeps doing that for a long time. Now you know the kind of reversing cam you need.

Important Features:

  • IP69K waterproof rating
  • 7-Inches display and image sensor
  • 145 degrees angle of view
  • HD image processing
  • Easy-to-install design
  • Metal housing
  • F1.8 lens


  • Easy installation
  • Extremely clear images
  • One of the best low-light sensitivity
  • Easily adjustable mount
  • Long cord


  • Some delay in video
  • You will need a noise filter

6. Pyle Backup Car Camera & Rear View Mirror Monitor Screen System

Pyle Backup Car Camera & Rear View Mirror Monitor Screen System Review

This cam is strictly built to keep you safe by having some extra pair of eyes on the back. We all need that help to keep a clean accident record.

It matters that you do not get into unnecessary accidents since they are costly. This cam has the perfect features to spot cyclists, pedestrians and clear away all the blindspots.

This is thanks to the IR illumination that keeps things visible even at the darkest nights. It would a big injustice if I fail to mention that you will be getting your images on 7-inch LCD monitor. It is easily integrated into your rear view mirror system. Images are pristine clear and they come in color. 

It comes with the cable to wire everything into place. Correctly place it above the rear plate and you will have fisheye vision at your rear. I feel this is the right choice for your money. You can never go wrong with such a function-oriented rear view cam system. Waterproofing is a serious consideration for reversing cams and that is why this product comes IP68 rating.

To make accurate distance approximations, you have distance scaling lines just for that. The price will put a smile on your lips and its functionality will make you give yourself a pat on the back. I have seen better rear view cams but this one, at its price range, is at a totally different level.

That tells you that you do not have to spend so much to get top quality backup night vision cam. Look no further, this is the right place to put your money and you will not regret.

Important Features:

  • IR illumination
  • License plate mount
  • 7-inch LCD monitor
  • Video source connector
  • Distance scaling lines
  • IP 68 waterproofing


  • Generous screen size
  • It is waterproof
  • Great image quality in daylight
  • Ease of installation


  • Not great instructions for use
  • You can’t turn off the grid lines

7. ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit

ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit Review

When you are relatively new into the backup cam technology, you do not know how to make right decision. It is not your fault because the market presents you with very many options and you can get lost in the chaos of choosing.

That now should not happen anymore. There is an easy way to find the fact match for your needs.

For the flawless, easy and safe backing up; ZEROXCLUB system kit should be an easy decision to make. It is a decision you will never regret because you get all your needs take care of. It clears up all the blindspots and you can reverse at a speed of 75mph. For the lovers of speed, you should find this a reason to purchase this piece.

I love how clear the images are, and the fact that it is waterproof. Fog, mist or rain will not present any challenge since these are the times you can easily get into an accident when reversing. You are also getting a waterproofing of IP69 and you will love the work it does.

Your images will be served 7-inch LCD screen. Moreover, you are also getting a wireless signal. For me; ease of installation, compatibility to different vehicles will make the decision easy. Do not go through the hassle of searching when all you have to do is grab this one of a kind cam set and you will be flying on your way backing up.

Important Features:

  • Digital HD image processing
  • IP69 rate of waterproofing
  • 7-inch LCD monitor
  • Wireless signal


  • You can back up at a speed of 75mph without any loss of image quality
  • Wide display screen makes it easy to see image
  • Zero interference
  • Ease of compatibility
  • A very generous reception range
  • A wide angle of view at the rear
  • Easy to install


  • The antenna is short so you may have to buy one separately
  • You will need to spend more to get a suction cup mount
  • You will see objects from the rear when they are very close

8. Rear View Safety Backup Camera System

Rear View Safety Backup Camera System Review

When choosing a backup cam with NV, you should be sure to get the one with great waterproofing capabilities. You do not want to see total darkness when you reverse during a heavy downpour.

This set comes prepared for the rainy weather and anything else to the extremes.

It has the highest rating of waterproofing at IP69K. This one has unshakable capabilities even when heaven and earth are bound together by rain. Let it rain cats and dogs but you will still be able to see your rear. The display monitor comes in a generous size and made better by powerful resolution.

The image you are getting is a little bit brighter than the natural object. You cannot expect to get better than this at this price tag, or do you? This is a 3-channel system thus you can mount three cameras to cover all the blind spots. You will be able to capture audio and that is a great addition.

The angle of view is 130 degrees and there is an auto dim feature. This is the right backup cam for your money. There is no more struggling when it is time to reverse. You are sorted and you can forget those times you had to hit the wall to know it is at the end of a space.

Important Features:

  • 130 degree angle of view
  • Three camera channels
  • 7-inch LCD monitor
  • Waterproofing of IP69K
  • Digital images
  • Grid lines to help you approximate distance
  • Infrared NV
  • Long and robust cable


  • Very clear digital images
  • You can mount up to 3 cameras
  • Horizontal grid help with distance estimation
  • Very easy and straightforward installation
  • Being waterproof you have an advantage in rain, mist and fog
  • The angel of view is generous


  • Contrast and resolution are not the very best
  • The multiplexer gives you an extra installation task
  • Not the best pick for smaller vehicles

9. TadiBrothers 7 Inch Monitor with Wireless License Plate Backup Camera

TadiBrothers 7 Inch Monitor with Wireless License Plate Backup Camera Review

Clarity and affordability are two features you must insist on for a backup cam. Without the two, there is no point of buying rear view cameras. You can as well rely on your natural eyesight to reverse.

But we know how dangerous that can be. This one here is affordable and the clarity is more than crystal.

With a LCD monitor, this is a very light camera unit and it will not give you any trouble while installing. It is a double input for video so one port goes for the cam and the other can be for games or music. The camera can view 120 degrees wide at the back. It is a perfect fit for lightweight trucks, cars and SUVs.

One of the things we find endearing about this cam is that it is wireless. No tangles or having to draw a wire from the back to the dashboard. It is like a stealth instrument that does not need to be noticed when doing its job.

You are also getting a durable and all-weather kind of a cam. It does not matter what kind of extremes the weather decides to go to, you will always have an equally potential match for anything.

Important Features:

  • Lightweight color LCD monitor
  • Wireless mode that work for 50ft
  • Easy to install and fit design
  • Dual video input
  • 120-degree angle of view
  • Night vision
  • Very easy installation
  • Clear images in their natural color
  • It is a wireless cam
  • Vague instructions

10. Vehicle Backup Camera Esky Rear View Camera

Vehicle Backup Camera Esky Rear View Camera Review

When beauty, compactness and functionality are put together; you already know that there is something great you are getting. This Esky cam is exactly that and will surprise you with what it is offering.

This cam is sleek and that does not mean it will not do its job. You will be surprised how at its price range it exceeds your expectations.

The image clarity is way above the price tag of this camera. The Infrared LED makes sure that you can see in pitch darkness when you reverse. With a waterproof rating of IP67, you have nothing to worry about: cold and rainy weather.

The resolution of this cam is something to admire and not forgetting that the installation is very easy. It is about time you stop worrying when you find a small spot in a public parking. With this cam you can see every corner and anything at your back.

You will be able to reverse at a relatively high speed and nothing goes awry. This is the kind of assurance you need when reversing and you are getting more than that in this simple and compact piece. I see no reason why you should not comfortably put your money here.

Important Features:

  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Lens with 6 layers
  • 7 Infrared LED lightning
  • View angle of 135 degrees
  • Clear top quality image
  • Temperature resistance range of between 70 degrees celcius and 140 degree celcius.


  • Ease of mounting
  • Mountable on any part of the rear
  • Great image quality
  • A wide view range at the back


  • Some blurriness at night
  • Not the best choice for foggy weather

Benefits Of Backup Cameras With Night Vision:

If you have ever tried reversing without back up cameras, then you know how tricky it gets. It is very easy to knock your neighbor’s dog or kids. Backup cameras with night vision allow you the chance to see what lies on your rear. Even when it is total darkness out there, you will be able to clear all the blind spots. This is like having someone at the back to help you steer your ride in the right direction. With these cameras, you can hardly be involved in reversing accidents and that is a big plus. If you are driving without backup camera with NV, you are missing a lot. Make arrangements to get one set today. On a quick note, here is a summary of the benefits for reversing cams with night vision:

  • They help avert reversing accidents
  • They help eliminate blindspots
  • Makes it easy and safe to park in tight spaces
  • Those with warning tones sound an alarm when you are about to hit an object
  • They keep you posted about distance when backing up

How Does A Backup Camera Work?

Backup cameras are naturally small and are installed discreetly above the rear plate or the cargo door handle at the back. The camera is then connected to the reverse gear and a monitor at the dashboard. When you shift the gear to reverse, the camera automatically goes on and presents images on the monitor.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Backup Camera With Night Vision

As much as we have done ten reviews that would help you make the right decision, there is a list of considerations you should make. For a first time buyer, you do not just wake up and decide to make a purchase. There are big chances of getting it all wrong. To avoid those obvious mistakes, here are things you must consider before buying your backup camera with night vision:

  • Waterproof: the cam will be exposed to mist, rain, fog and anything else that the weather decides. As you make the purchase, you should insist on the best kind of waterproofing. IP69 is the best rating for waterproofing right now in the market.
  • Ease of installation: you do not want to spend an entire day installing your rearview backup cam. It should take you a few minutes and you are ready for a drive test. As you make your choice, ensure that it is a camera you can install by yourself. Go for something that comes with a ready mount.
  • Image quality: you want things to be bright and clear and that means you should emphasize on the quality of image your camera is going to give you. HD images are the top of the cream so you are better sticking to them. You do not want to buy a set only to get blurry images and go through the trouble of returning it.
  • Adjustability: there is a lot of attributes that come with reversing camera. For some you can remove the grid lines while for others you can’t. I recommend you go for one with adjustability. There are situations where you will need the grid lines and in others you don’t.
  • View angle: With your reverse cam you need to see as much of the rear as possible. That is where the angle of viewing comes into play. Go for a wide angle. Anything above 135 degrees will give a wide view. You will not miss anything that might put your life in danger.
  • Price: Once everything is said and done, price is the big consideration. What you take home will have so much to do with the depth of your pocket. There are tons of options for you from affordable to very expensive. It is for you to know what you can afford. Make sure you do not buy anything expensive such that you will not be able to buy gas for your ride. Spend what you can afford to lose.

Backup Camera With Night Vision - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are backup cameras worth the money?

A: Yes they are. They help you clear up blindspots every time you reverse.

Q: Should I go for the wireless backup camera?

A: The wireless option is one of the best decisions since they are easy to install and do a great job.

Q: For my truck, which is the best backup camera?

A: Well, there are lots of options in the market right now. Even in this review we have touched on a few cameras that would be a perfect fit for trucks. You have to choose wisely.

Q: How much will it cost me to install a backup cam unit?

A: Most of the times you can do the installation on your own. There is a comprehensive guide to help you install. You can watch videos to help you with the installation.

Final Verdict:

It doesn’t have to be a scary experience when you reverse. All you need is a backup camera with night vision and the rest is history. We have reviewed some of the top cam options in the market right now. What remains is for you to make the right decision and change how you reverse.

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