Burris 200261 Ballistic Plex 2-7x32mm Rifle Scope Review

Are you looking for the perfect rifle scope for your hunting endeavors? The best rifle scope has so much to live up to. Any scout scope needs to be versatile and with the strict requirement features.

So if you are looking for a scope that lives up to its name, try out the Burris 200261 ballistic plex 2-7x32mm.

This is one of the best scout Scopes any enthusiastic hunter or shooter can ever dream of. Among its most notable strengths, this scope has been built to last.

Made of high-quality parts and from top quality materials, for sure it has a lot to leave up to. Let us go deeper into the Burris 200261review.

Burris 200261 Review

Excellent Magnification And Durability:

The magnification power is very high; to a maximum of up to nine times. With this, you can target animals that are nearer or further; short-range and long-range shooting.

The riflescope is so durable and strong. It has been constructed and fitted with rigid materials to surpass weather conditions.

This aluminum-built rifle scope does not rust. The scope is strong and continues to work efficiently even when harsh weather conditions come up. So be sure the rifle will still be useful in rain, scorching sun or windstorms.


It has a reticle that makes targeting easy by increasing the size of the target when the targeted object or subject is far away. You will see the object to be very clear and shoot at a perfect spot. The articles also reduce the distance so that you can easily focus on the target.

Lenses are coated with Hi-Lume that aids in increasing light when it gets dim or when it is getting dark. Furthermore, you will not waste your time viewing through the lens for a long time, you might end up losing your target. This way you will still continue hunting uninterrupted.

Spring Tension System:

The spring tension system is strong and doubled. They safeguard your hands and body from knocks and vibrations. The recoils are prevented from hitting back at your hands and injuring you.

The strength of knockback is controlled such that you will not fall back after a shot. The rifle has been constructed with light materials so it does not strain a user carrying it and focusing on the target. It is even easier to carry the rifle around without getting tired.

Nitrogen-filed Body Tubes:

The body contains nitrogen that ensures the inside is not blurred in the event of cold effects of rain, mist, and fog. The rifle has positive clicks adjustment that can be adjusted again and again until accuracy is achieved before shooting a target.

This guarantees that it is one of the best rifle scopes for hunting.

More Benefits:

It also saves on cost since it is durable and does not tend to malfunction easily. Time is saved since you can target faster without struggling. You can adjust the lens so that the target appears closer and easily shoot it before it disappears.

Your hands are safe from injuries that result from strong recoils since they are well-controlled. Another benefit is that you will enjoy uninterrupted hunting experience because even when lights go dim, you still can hunt.

Important Features:

  • Provides shooters with 9.2 to 12-inch eye relief 
  • Variable power makes it versatile and improves accuracy in long distances 
  • High-grade optical glass for better brightness and clarity 
  • Large quality precision ground lenses 
  • Nitrogen-filled body tubes protect it from internal fogging in cold weather 


  • Excellently survives had to use because it is durable  
  • The scope is reasonably priced 
  • It boasts extra-long eye relief 
  • A fully waterproof design 
  • The lenses are scratch-resistant 


  • No mounting hardware included in the package 
  • It can be hard to get used to

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does it come with mounting rings?

A: No it does not. You will have to purchase the mounting hardware separately.

Q: Is this scope available in any other finish apart from matte black?

A: No. It is just available in mate black finish

Q: What is the right size lens caps for this scope?

A: Use butler creek flip-up caps; size 9 for the eyepiece and 11 for objective lenses.

Final Verdict:

The Burris 200261 scout riflescope is amazingly awesome when it comes to hunting. It is very comfortable to use and boasts several features to ensure high performance. It has lenses that have a wider diameter. Hence, you can comfortably view through it without necessarily closing one eye. You can therefore easily focus to make a perfect shot. This lens and its diameter would be a great relief to your eyes because there is no straining.

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