Bushnell AR Optics 1-4×24 Riflescope Review

We cannot underestimate the importance of a scope when it comes to hunting and shooting. Using a scope offers shooters with a wide range of benefits like longer range, improved accuracy, and you can take your shots from a distance.

One of the top scopes that I would recommend is the Bushnell ar optics 1-4x24. What is so great about this scope? How does it differ from other scopes on the market?

To find answers to these questions and much more, read Bushnell ar optics 1-4x24 review so that you have a better understanding. This is a durable, dependable, and accurate scopes that help you achieve fast target acquisition. It is suitable for serious hunters and shooters who need top-notch optical performance.


Bushnell AR Optics 1-4×24 Review Points

Many great aspects make the Bushnell 1-4x24 ar optics scope BDC reticle to stand out among many models on the market today. This scope has excellent features, and it is very easy to use. I will discuss some bestselling aspects of this scope.

Quality and Compact Design:

When it comes to scopes, you want to have the best model that will serve you for many years. Bushnell is one of the top brands that you can trust with quality and durable scopes. The scope features a compact and rugged design, and this makes it lightweight without compromising the durability.

It features a durable aluminum alloy construction and anodize finish to give you lasting performance. Besides, the scope is well sealed for protection against all weather conditions. This scope is also waterproof, scratchproof, and rustproof. Unlike other scopes on the market, this scope remains at zero, even under adverse conditions.


This is one of the main reasons why I love this scope. It offers a high level of accuracy even when you are viewing on long-range. It features above-average optics and turret targeting systems that enhance the brightness. Also, the cope features a fast-focus eye-piece that enhances reliability and accuracy. With this scope, you can zero at 100 yards and a maximum of up to 500 yards while achieving better accuracy.

Fully Multicoated Lenses:

We cannot forget to mention the quality lenses of this scope. The lenses hold wear and tear perfectly, and they provide quality and bright images. On top of that, the fast-focus eyepiece provides reliability and accuracy when you are viewing your targets.

Bushnell ensured that nothing affects the quality of images that you see; this is why the scope is nitrogen purged to get rid of internal moisture. It also features an O-ring seal to keep dust and moisture away.

Drop Zone Reticle:

This is another unique aspect of this scope. It is made to be sighted at 100 yards with points of aiming at every 100 yards up to 500 yards. However, you need to set the scope at the right magnification to get accurate results.

Using the drop zone reticle is easy. You can sight at 100 yards at various levels of magnification. Then determine your target distance and set the magnification of the scope at higher power. After that, place the right aiming point at your ideal target.

Magnification and Objective Lens:

The scope features a magnification of 1-4x; however, some people might find this magnification limited. The good thing is that the quality of lens makes you overlook the magnification. It has an objective lens of 24 mm, which works well in allowing more light in for clear images.

Target Turrets And Eye Relief:

This scope is equipped with capped turrets that offer a low profile. It also provides precise and easy adjustments. The scope also provides a comfortable eye relief of 3.5 inches / 90 mm.

Accessories And What Is In The Box:

When you unbox, you will find the Bushnell scope, scope cover, Allen wrenches to adjust the turret, and a product manual. When it comes to accessories, it doesn't come with many accessories, although you will find a mount and protective lens cap.

Important Features:

  • The scope has a 1-4x zoom magnification
  • Designed with 24mm objective lens diameter
  • Drop zone 223 BDC reticle and modifies duplex style
  • Has fully multicoated optics that provide clear and bright images
  • Capped turrets that offer a low profile 


  • The scope features a compact and lightweight body
  • Designed with fully multicoated optics for quality images
  • It comes with two lens caps that protect the lens
  • It comes with a manual for ease of use
  • Provides excellent close to midrange accuracy
  • The scope is rustproof and scratchproof
  • Has a field of view of up to 100 yards
  • Features a strong aluminum construction and nice matte black finish


  • The magnification is limited to 1-4x

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is this Bushnell scope waterproof and fog proof?

A: Yes, it is. Bushnell states that the scope is waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof. This means that you can use it comfortably outdoors without worrying about weather conditions.

Q: What is the size of the main tube of this scope?

A: The scope features a main tube that measures 30mm.

Q: Does the scope have an illuminated or etched reticle?

A: This is a quality scope, but it does not have an illuminated reticle. Also, I bought this model, and it has a BDC reticle.

Q: How many brightness levels does this scope have?

A: This scope doesn't have brightness levels. It works on collection daylight, and the bigger the tube, the more light it will magnify.

Final Verdict:

The Bushnell ar optics 1-4x24 is an incredible scope for an average shooter. While the scope has its downfalls, it has more features that enhance its usability. After all, no product is 100% without some flaws. The scope is equipped with quality lenses that provide clear and bright images. Users also love the reliability and accuracy that it provides when you are hunting or shooting. Additionally, it features durable construction so you can get uncompromised performance regardless of the weather condition.

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