Camcorders Vs Cameras: Which One Is Better For Video Recording?

Now a day's video recording is a common fact — almost everyone likes to record videos in daily life. You find different types of cameras and camcorders to record your video. Modern cameras and camcorders both can record quality video. In the video recording department, digital camera, DSLR, SLR and action camera that give remarkable performance.

The Camcorders also give you an extraordinary video recording performance. So, which option is better for you? This review will discuss about the recording option, which helps you to choose your best option.

Camcorders Vs Cameras

Camcorders and cameras both have a different type of advantage for record video. You need to read this full review that helps you to choose the best one.

The Resolution:

The resolution is an essential part of quality video recording. The resolution measure by width x height. The two kinds of resolutions are HD high Definition and SD standard definition. To quality record, video, HD resolution is highly recommended. The Resolution of 1920x 1080 and 1080 x 720 is called Full HD resolution. Camera and Camcorders both can record videos with full HD resolution. Now several mobile and DSLR come with 4k resolution camera.

On the other hand, camcorders also have 4k resolution. The 4k resolution camcorders price is so high than mobile and DSLR. So, if you want to buy a 4k resolution camera with an affordable price, then you do not need to choose camcorders. You can purchase camcorders with 1080p resolution because its price is the same as the camera.


The camcorders mostly design for video recording. The camcorders come with so many filming features. Its records video by default horizontally angle. That helps you a lot for filming purpose. Most of the camcorders have Wi-Fi capabilities that allow you to upload your video instantly in your social media.

Camcorders video perfectly match with your projectors and televisions. Almost every camera record video vertically. It's not enough to play video vertically on tv. So, the camcorders will be best to choose for record short film, vlog, and family memories.


The Camcorder has an extreme zoom capacity than a still camera. You cannot record well video while zooming with the still camera. The camera cannot reach up to 30x to 60x lenses. But some of the camcorders have 60x zooming capacity lenses.

Almost all digital cameras cannot record well while zooming. The camcorder lens allows you to record videos with quality. So, if you want a quality video recorder with outstanding zooming, then you can choose Camcorder.

Sensor Size:

The modern camera like DSLR has large sensors more than camcorders. You also can find high sensor's camcorders, but that price will be very high. A large sensor helps you to record video in low light. The large sensor can provide portraits that blurred background.

The modern camera has wide aperture tan camcorder. The wide aperture is an essential part of videography. DSLR camera gives you large sensors, wide aperture and portraits mode with affordable price than a camcorder.

Recording Time:

The Camcorder's processor specially designed for video recording. It can record video for more than one hour. The Camcorder's keep recording video until running out the battery. On the other hand, the camera does not allow long time video recording. If you need an extended time video record like a live sports match, then you should choose camcorders.

Final Word:

The camcorders are a tradition option of video recording with a massive number of advantages. Camcorder's density filters are natural and built-in. You can record a comfortable ergonomics video. Camcorders can record videos for a long time. The digital camera allows you to excellent video recording capacity with a large sensor. The camera is affordable than Camcorders. Before buying, you need to check the frame rate, battery life, resolution, and available ports.


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