How Do Night Vision Goggles Work – Detailed Guide From Expert!

I am pretty sure you have seen night google in use either on movies sailors or soldiers. Night vision goggles are also used in other applications like wildlife observation, advanced security surveillance and law enforcement just to mention a few. If you are wondering whether it is true these devices work, they actually work. They have the ability to produce images even in low light conditions. How exactly do night vision goggles work? How can you use them effectively to get a better view at night? I will help you understand more about night vision goggles and how they work.

Image Enhancement:

These goggles use some technology called image enhancement. This technology takes what is in the vicinity at night and makes it clear to you. In extremely dark times, there is still some light not visible with naked eye. Infrared light is taken by the night vision goggles and it is amplified so that you will easily see what is going on in the dark.

Thermal Imaging:

Night goggles also use thermal imaging technology. This particular technology emits heat that is in form of infrared light. The infrared light is captured after it is emitted by heat objects in view range. It is clear what is going on based on the amount of heat being emitted. The thermal imaging technology is perfect when viewing people at night, however, many night vision equipment uses the image enhancement technology to enable vision at night easy.

This night vision is so important and is mainly used by the law enforcers, military men and is used to find people in the dark, surveillance purposes and navigation. It is also used to hunt at night and also watching animals at night in the wild.

This night goggles will seem to show you the green light, this is because when any available heat is captured and amplified it then turns to electronic information and transmitted to the eyes. The human eyes are sensitive to green light and it becomes easy to look at green pictures than it is to look at black and white pictures.

Steps That Take Effect:

In a night scene, dim light made of photons of all colors enter the lens at the front, the photons hit and strike a photocathode which is very sensitive. The photocathode converts photons to electrons which are in turn amplified by a photomultiplier. When an electron enters photomultipliers many electrons leave. The electrons strike a phosphor screen and create tiny light flashes.

Night vision goggles are of two types; there is the passive and active vision. The passive night vision is whereby the available light is amplified and will not work in absolute darkness. The active night vision is mainly found in camcorders and will project near an infrared light The camera optics are sensitive, this out of visual so it's not possible to see it. The military equipment mostly does not use infrared lights but instead use ultraviolet radiation because of the potential interference with some devices like remote, it is also because you can easily detect. The night goggles usually depend on the photoelectric effect.

There Are Some Factors That You Should Consider At All Times When Choosing Night Vision Goggles:

  • Generation: This should be actually the first thing you want to check in night vision goggles are in three generations, the first generation for free and easy observation, cheap, Second generation is more intense in observation and third is for professionals
  • Quality Of Image: Image quality is one of those things you will want to consider since the better the image the clearer the vision. The quality must be at the high end and also the better the quality the more expensive the goggles.
  • Magnification: When there is an increase in magnification night vision tends to be poor. When the magnification of an image past 6 times an image will be compromised, so using lower magnification is better.
  • Goggles Intent: Night vision goggle has a range of uses. They can be used for hunting, surveillance or even nature observation. If your intent to have the goggles is not serious then you can get less expensive and efficient working goggles. For serious reasons like the military uses to get the best type of goggles.
  • Environment : Here you will need to consider the climate. It is also important to check on the distance is it too far or close. In case there is little light you can consider choosing goggles with an image intensifier. If it's totally dark you can get those with a thermal imager.


We already know that human beings have got a poor and terrible sight at night and will need to have night vision goggles in case they need to see outside at night. The feeling of hunting at night and even nature viewing at night is fulfilling and you will love it. After helping you with how the night vision goggles work you will be able to know on what to go for whenever you need the goggles. It will surely make your life easy.

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