How To Install A Backup Camera On A Truck – Easy Way

Usually, some years ago, people used trucks without safety. On that time, there had not any safety equipment for drivers. But nowadays, for advanced technology, you don't have to suffer any problem. Generally, now you can find available safety equipment in the market.

The most things are that the Backup camera is also one of them. You can install this for your safety. But when you will try to install that, you will be suffering from a lot of problems. In this case, you have to know about how to install a backup camera on a truck.

Why A Backup Camera Needed?

Suppose you want to park your truck in the parking area. In this case, you can't see the other cars bumper, that's why there has a chance to hit the car. Above all, if you have a backup camera, then you will see the car, and without hitting, you can park your truck.

Easy Installing Way:

There are following easy way to install the backup camera on your truck:

1. Above all, you have to take off your truck back license plate. Later take out all the screws of the Plate by using Phillips head screw. Afterwards, take out the plate and put aside. In that case, ensure that your screws in a safe place, for don't lose them it will be needed.

2. Using a power drill machine create a small hole in your number plate. Afterwards, ensure there is no obstruction in the plate.

3. Generally, if your camera is bigger from the license plate, In this case, you have to route the cables carefully.

4. You should tap control for the transmitter box from the switch lights links. There you can see two power cables on a transmitter which you have to strip. These cables are used to connect a reverse power source.

5. Now you have to use a plus to lock the negative and positive cables. After, you have to use these power cables to connect the transmitter box.

6. If you see the cables carefully, you will see a clear indicated which you have to connect on the transmitter. Remember its power has to be in the video box and on the camera.

7. Ensure that, your all part of the camera is removed during installation and camera returned back on the truck. These include the reverse lights.

8. Now you have to fixed receiver cable to GPS locator inside the truck. Afterwards, now check all of your units and looked carefully because sometimes there seen available broken and lose connection.

How To Install A Backup Camera On A Truck

Some Important Tips For Installing The Backup Camera:

Fast of all, you have to decide where you want to install the backup camera like other truck owners. Usually, some people like to install the camera on the number plate.

Even if you want to create a hole for installation the camera, you have to careful on the hole size. Because, if you create a big mess, in that case there a lot of chance to fall the camera.

And if you create a small hole, nonetheless, there also a problem to install the camera. Cause it will not set on the truck properly. That is why ensure you created a proper hole.

When there created a proper hole, then you have to put the camera there. Remember, when you will set the camera you have to use the rubber grommet which accompanies the camera. This way, the camera will be tight, and there will not be a chance to fall the camera.

Fixed All The Parts As Before:

Above all, once you fixed the backup camera properly, ensure that you set all of the parts which you removed. If you will not fix it correctly, there is a lot of chance not to work the camera. That is why set them correctly. Check the license plate is on the correct place.

Check What You Had Done Finally:

Afterwards, reverse the truck to ensure the reverse lights do not tamper. If it needs to recheck, do it. If you are sure that everything is alright in your connection, that is mean now you can use this. To avoid any malfunction Now test the backup camera and look at that carefully is it working or not. Later, check all senses of the backup camera and all power sources of the cables to avoid any accident.


Above all, if you want to use this camera with many benefits then don't hesitate in investing to buy a quality backup camera. Although you have to look at your investment. But it is also important to buy a good camera for good service. Finally, now you know that How to Install a Backup Camera on a Truck - Easy way.


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