Leupold BX-3 Mojave 8x42mm HD Binocular Review

Leupold bx 3 Mojave is designed with unlimited attention guidelines with professionalism in mind. This makes it not only a high performing prism lenses but equally provide clear images that are precise. The binocular is versatile and designed to magnify distant objects while remaining as light and convenient as possible with extraordinary performance.

With the increase in technology knowledge, Leupold bx 3 Mojave pro binocular has been made to modern standards with highly improved specifications. It is made of quality materials with perfect finish and measurements that accommodate individual preference.

The magnification and field of view are picture-perfect for general scope of binoculars and can be used in wide range of hunts. It has a wide angle zoom eyepiece that feels natural and connects to nature thus making adventures outstanding and unforgettable and gives a comfortable range of the target. Find out a full review of this pair of binocular so that you can determine if it is worth your investment. 

Leupold BX-3 Mojave 8x42mm Review Points

High-Definition Lenses:

This binocular features superior lenses that offer a remarkably clear image and one can easily know even the species of the hunt. Do you need razor sharp images? Leupold bx 3 binocular has coated low sight lenses that offer whetted pixels range to spot the game in the bushes.

You get a crisper vision that is sharp and satisfying and far much better than your sight. Lately, lenses are remotely controlled by digitalized techniques hence well-fitted lenses for the bx 3. Remember you get superior, clear, protective, and sharp vision all the way.

Ease of Use:

The unique bridge design that is more of open up makes it light in weight, not complicated set but can be used easily, and very stylish whereas it also enhances performance and the durability. It is sheathed in a padded casing that's resilient to outdoor activities while protecting the binocular further from adversity.

It effortlessly harnesses on one's shoulder or back depending with your choice of straps and style. The spread out weight does not affect posture hence comfort guaranteed. All this combined makes the binocular easy to carry alongside added luggage.

Water Resilient:

Being outdoors and in the bushes, you encounter adverse and diverse weather patterns and water being a free radicle in the air easily damages not only the lenses but the piece as a whole.Not to forget the soil, tiny shrubs, and sand.

A sealed binocular that will keeps out moisture, dust and many other unwanted objects is an important feature to look out for. Hey, look no further as you got it in Leupold binocular which has a backup of an inbuilt Gold ring, and with it, a lifetime investment is guaranteed. Its overall performance is remarkable.

Magnification Pro:

They say the bigger is better. But this rule doesn't always apply to our range of bx 3. With an actual Magnification: 8x- it is more than enough for adequate hunting. An Objective size of Clear Space: 42mm- which is not as heavy due to its large lenses and can work with any kind of hunting. With large objective lens, you are able to see more details that are satisfactory to good lighting conditions.

Field of view which is 1000 yards distance visualization gives a satisfactory field of view that is universally accepted, as the image quality is what is important, hence adequate for major hunting.

Open Bridge Prism:

With Leupold bx3 pro, you will enjoy a Roof Prism type that has smooth focusing. This is because of its systemic lens set that has a dimension that is slimmer and direct line with the eyepiece. This binocular is also designed with fully multicoated lenses that provide clear and bright images.

Comfortable Eye Relief:

Eye relief is a critical aspect to have in mind as people have different facial features. So, easy eye space and eyecups are thought of in consideration of eye fit regardless of eyeglasses or contacts. It has added optical coating to reduce light reflections, glare, bright sun rays even on less cloudy days to give you clearer images with the quality sought for.


When you are outdoors hunting, you want lightweight devices that will be easy to carry from one place to the other. Because the binocular is designed with non-lead based lenses, it is lightweight so its weight will not bother you.

Important Features:

  • High-definition lenses
  • Bridge prism that's open
  • Magnification Pro
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Compatible


  • Excellent image quality that distinguishes objects
  • Waterproof and fog sealed
  • Comfortable for eyes
  • Has straps and strong casing
  • Wide range of view
  • Superior prism


  • Size weight is more due to the type and amount of glass used on the lenses
  • Some users prefer different prism set due to focus and price

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the facts underlining magnification of this binocular?

A: 8 x magnification is good enough to get good and clear images. Equally one should have a sizeable binocular you can hold still to capture pictures with accurate sharpness. Unless use of tripod stand is in use then can one go for 10x having in mind the lenses will be denser.

Q: Does the Leupold bx 3 Binocular have jungle like print?

A: Its Kryptek Highlander design for ease of camouflage within the environment one is in, and hey you are in the jungle blend along and have fun.

Q: How is its maintenance?

A: It has an ideal casing that is easy to wipe using clean linen soft clothes, always have the lenses covered with its caps and well secured and harnessed as you carry along.

Final Verdict:

Having this pair of binoculars will take your hunting to a higher level. It provides you with high quality images with sharp resolution and doesn’t compromise the color. This gives you the opportunity to see your target game.

This binocular is not only dependable and provides good image quality but also has great optical coatings and comfortable eye relief. We believe it is an asset to have in the hunting expeditions with satisfactory results.It is ergonomically designed to provide you with comfortable use and durable enough to withstand the outdoor conditions.

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