Panasonic HC-WXF991K 4K Camcorder Review

4k videos, is it a gimmick or the tech market is fully prepared to offer such a thing with 4k resolution? The answer is yes. Slowly but steadily, visual devices are improving. 

And the presence of new cameras, DSLR, smartphones, and camcorders with this feature proof that. Now, most of the latest models or upgraded models can shoot the picture in this format.

In reality, not all devices support 4k videos; you can’t even find your preferred movie in this format sometimes. But these videos see a lot better than 1080p videos in phones, monitor or television. And that is why people are crazy about it.

The Panasonic HC-wxf991k is an excellent device to capture 4k videos. You get the professional quality image capturing and the quality promise of world-famous Panasonic brand. 

Panasonic HC-WXF991K 4K Camcorder

Some Vital Features Of Panasonic HC-wxf991k:

You can’t buy everything or try to see the features. Reading reviews are useful to understand a product. That is why I made a trial test and run for filming our hiking journey in Eagle Lake, my favorite park in California. Those who know how picturesque the area (especially the west part) is will understand what better I got to shoot here.

So in this Panasonic HC-wxf991k review, I am going to show here you some features points. The points will help you to learn about the camera a bit more. Keep on reading.

Shoot With Electric Viewfinder:

I got the WXF991k short after the HC-wx970. Both of them are pretty same in features except the electronic viewfinder. A 0.24 inches EVF is added with this camera and it’s quite good on adjusting different angels. This thing makes the shooting a lot more efficient than the optical viewfinder.

While shooting on the lake I did not need to engage my eyes only seeing the finder and shoot. I equally enjoy the scenic beauty with my eyes instate of steering it to see through the OEV. But these features increase the weight of the camera a bit. But I think having the EVF this is the main difference of a typical camcorder to an expensive camcorder.

Built-in Wifi:

The connectivity features of the camera to connect with a smartphone. This is a useful add on to control the operation via your mobile. Also, you can use your smart phone’s camera to take the role of the twin camera. You can connect three phones at a time with this video camera.

Make Movie Like Videos:

The features of the Handycam are imposing, and undoubtedly do miracles. Like the dolly zoom. It replicates the famous Vertigo effect. In simple words, the Vertigo effect is what you see in the movies here camera slowly moves backward and zooming in the scene or vice versa. That means you can shoot a clip in both slow and fast motion flawlessly and make stunning video clips.

The editing features of the Panasonic HC-wxf991k 4k ultra HD camcorder are the primary key here. The tracking crop or the stabilizing crop offers zero in on a subject by automatically tracking it. Also, the second feature stabilizes shaky videos.

The Bonus Camera:

The Panasonic HC-wxf991k 4k features a secondary built-in camera. You will find it the edge of the LCD monitor. This twin camera offers 20-tilting and 270-panning for shooting from two angles at the same time. This camera is 5.27 megapixels with ¼ MOS sensor 37.2 mm along with f/22 lens.

The video from the additional camera can shoot in a sub-window for the picture-to-picture recording. However, that offers great flexibility when it times to post the record. There is a back-up system which record images with sub-window or without it. In addition, the camera includes the narration mode to emphasize your voice while recording. It’s a useful option when you are filming something and speaking at the same time. 

In feature-wise, it may sound complicated, but it’s not. You may see something in the news report where the central location is describing by a reporter, and she/he appears from a different place in a small window corner of the screen. You can turn on/off to record your side of reaction or anything in front or near to you. So, you can add some extra thing in your principal filming. Moreover, you can choose the window on the screen as per your demand. It will not overwhelm the main recording or the subject.

At a Glance:

  • Ultra HD 4k videos at 24/30 fps
  • Leica Dicomar Optical Zoom Lens 20X
  • BSI MOS Sensor 1/2.3”
  • Hybrid Optical Image stabilization 5-axis
  • Total pixels 18.91 megapixels
  • Focal Length 4.08-81.6 mm
  • Twin Camera & wireless multi-camera
  • Editing features are included like, post cropping, dolly zoom, and slow/quick motion


  • A sophisticated video cam for any amateur
  • Amazing 4k quality videos and pictures
  • The camera is linkable on multiple smartphones
  • Have side cameras while taking extra shoots out of the mainframe
  • The cinematic features come handy
  • Good in low light, both indoor and outdoor
  • Worth the price


  • The stabilization of the camera on a fast-moving object is average
  • Editing 4k videos take a beefy computer
  • Does not have the lens ring

Frequently Asked question (FAQs)

Que- Does the image stabilizer work while shooting the HD videos?

Ans- Yes, but it’s better at slow-moving objects.

Que- What media goes with this camera?

Ans- You can use the Sandisk Extreme Pro SDXC (90 or 95).

Que- Can lenses are mounted to the camera?

Ans- Yes.

Que- Where is it made from?

Ans- It’s made in Japan.

Final words:

Overall, it’s a great video camera with lots of utilizing features. The color-contrast is excellent, lighting is efficient, the dual-camera option is promising, and image stabilization is occupied, etc. You can use it for your hobby or work in both indoor and outdoor at the same time. Infect, you will not find anything like it at this price point. So it’s totally a win-win situation. Give this Futuristic Panaso nic HC-w​​​​xf991k Ha​​​​ndycam sometime so you can understand it, sooner you’ll realize how to handle it a better.

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