Summer Camping And Shooting Activity Alongside Outdoor Games

There are a lot of things to do for adventure, but camping is one of the favorite derring-do for many people. I especially love camping more than any other adventure. For me summer is an excellent time for any adventure. In the summer, the weather is perfect for doing camping.
However, camping in the summer is a little bit different from any other time. To keep this in mind, I am going to share some tips for summer camping. Added that -to make your camping more joyful here I am also sharing some activities that I do in my summer camping.

Essential Tips For Summer Camping

When you are camping in summer, you should take a more careful approach than other time of the year. So, here I am going to share some tips that will make your summer camping more entertaining.

For Avoiding Attracting Bugs, Use Warm Light:

Insects are the number one enemy for camping outside of your home. Insects can make your camping experience depressing. To get rid of this problem, you should use warm light as warm light attracts fewer bugs than others.

Don’t Set Up Camp Beside The Water:

While setting up camp keep some distance from the water area. Summer months are the ideal time for mosquito breeding, and mosquito inevitably breeds in the water. To avoid mosquito attack, you have to set up your camp at a distance from the water area.

Take Extra Water With You:

It is one of the essential tips and doesn’t miss this one while camping. You will need to drink more water to keep yourself hydrated in the summer. That’s why I am telling to take extra water with you for camping in the summer.

Another good idea is to take water purification equipment such as a tablet, botel, and filter with you. If you run out of the water, these items will help you for sure.

Take A Quality Portable Fridge With You:

Who doesn’t want to remain cold in summer time? Everybody wants to stay cool in the summertime and also wants to drink cold water now and then. In camping, it is difficult to get cold water. That’s why I am suggesting you take a quality portable fridge with you for summer camping.

Besides providing cold water for a extra period time, a quality portable fridge also ensures that your foods remain fresh for a longer time.

Bring A Portable Camping Fan With You:

What will you do in a hot summer if there is no airflow? It will be impossible to get proper sleep at night without airflow in the hot weather. To get a perfect sleep on a hot summer night, you have to take a portable camping fan with you. Note - Here by camping fan I mean to say solar and rechargeable fan.

Take The First Aid Kit With You:

You have to prepare yourself for any adverse situation if anything happens wrong. To get ready for the worst circumstance, you have to take a fully stocked first aid kit.

It is always recommended for everyone to take the first aid kit for every kind of adventure not just summer camping.

However, having a first aid kit with you is not enough. You have to master the knowledge about the uses of the first aid kit.

Avoid Sunburn:

Don’t forget to take suncream with you. In the hot summer, there is a higher chance of sunburn risk. To avoid this incident take a suncream with 30+ protection with you.
Note: I am sorry to say that only suncream will not help, you have to remain in the shade as much as possible.

Outdoor Games For Summer Camping

To make your summer camping more delightful, here I am going to share some outdoor games for summer camping that will sure increase your happiness. 

Two Truth And One Lie:

This game is my other favorite one for any time of camping. I played this game every time in my summer camping also. In the game of two truth and one lie, people start sharing three facts of their life, in three pieces of information two is right and one is an absolute lie. Other players guess which one is the lie. If you have any problem with finding facts while playing, you can brainstorm that at the start of the game and come up with a list of them to use.

Cornhole boards:

Cornhole board is a popular game for summer camping. It is a special kind of lawn game and can be played between your friends and family. To play this game you need to have a cornhole board. But it is very difficult to buy or choose this. Please see cornhole board buying guide properly before taking any decision.

Card Game:

Who doesn’t love to play cards game? You can take a deck of playing cards with you. It is easy to take it with yourself because it takes little space and it offers different type variation games you can play.

My favorite card games are Chinese poker and bullshit. You can also play card magic game with these cards.

Board Game:

The board game is another favorite game that I often play in my summer camping. If you are camping in the car, then you can consider playing board games.

With only a few people I might play chess. Why chess? Because chess is a game of intelligence. It also increases your thinking power alongside observation power. You can choose your favorite board game for playing in the summer camp.

Target Shooting:

Target shooting is one of the popular game among shooting games. Target shooting is the ultimate fun game for shooting lover in the summer camping. In the game of target shooting, a person shot a target with the rifle. The object could be a paper target. If you want to shoot the target at a distance of 100 yards or more, then set up a scope with your rifle. Riflescope will help you to fire at the object every time precisely.


Do you love telling stories? If yes, then gather round and tell stories with friends. Don’t have any exciting stories to tell? You can watch some crime documentaries and read ghost stories to prepare for the storytelling game. Now you have enough stories to tell your friends. So What next? Sit around the campfire and start telling stories, scary stories can set the mood at nighttime.

Final Thoughts:

Here I share my favorite summer camping tips and games so that you can enjoy great outdoors in this summer while keeping your family and friends safe. Let me know about your favorite summer camping tips and games in the comment box below. If I missed any essential summer camping tips let me know about that also. Finally thanks to our friend from Pingpongspot who is an avid outdoor geeky and helped me writing this awesome post!

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