How To Select A Hunting scope

If you find yourself in the market for a hunting scope without any knowledge of what to look for, you are in serious trouble. Before you pick a scope for your hunting routine, you need to be sure of exactly what you are looking for.

The question is, how can you tell that a scope is of quality or not? In as much as everyone gets what they paid for, there are a variety of hunting scopes that will offer you more than what it's worth. And that's exactly what you a hunter needs.

One thing you shouldn't forget when picking your scope is individual requirements. You might have a specific expectation on your hunting scope. For example, how do you want your magnification? How much do you want to spend on your scope? Do you have a favorite brand? If you could answer these questions, then you are at better spot picking your scope.

Shop By Brand:

Are you a Nikon guy or Bushnell? What brand is your favorite when it comes hunting scopes? The truth is, there are a hundred different brands of hunting scopes we can discuss here, but we won't have the time to make it to the last one.

When shopping for a scope, you have to be aware of legit brands in the market. You don't want to end up paying for trash just because you didn't know anything about genuine brands.

Each manufacturer offers different designs, specifications, and usability in their brands. It will always depend on customer demands. You, therefore, as a customer should know which brand offers what you are looking for.

Shop For Affordability:

The logic of every shopping is budgeting before you walk into any store. This is to avoid impulse buying and unplanned or rather unnecessary spending. There is a belief that the more expensive the scope, the better the quality. This might be true and applicable, but not all the time.

Before you pick your hunting scope, make a budget and have a price range in your head. Also, try to be aware of the general price range of good scopes in the market. This will help you prepare for a logical purchase.

If the scope is within your budget range and it has the specifications you were looking for, then what are you waiting for? You just won a lottery.


Apart from shopping by brand and sticking to your budget, magnification is so crucial when choosing a hunting scope. A hunter knows where and what to hunt. That is why you have to pick your scope carefully depending on the where and what.

Do you want to make your kill from hundreds of yards away? Well, you should consider a hunting scope with a powerful zooming and large magnification ability. From 12x to 20x zoom is always excellent. But again, as I said, this depends on what you are hunting.


This mainly refers to the construction, shape, and size of the scope. Bigger scopes offer better room for greater parts, hence better performance. Just like a car, the model always depends on taste and preference. Your choice of a hunting scope will always depend on what you like and also its compatibility with your hunting rifle.

Objective Lens:

Choosing a hunting scope depending on its objective lens is much easier than any other factor or specs. What I'm saying is, bigger objective lenses allow in more light making them much better than the smaller ones. Meaning bi lenses will mean clearer scopes. Just don't go for too big scopes because it will mean mounting it too high of the barrel. You have to mind the scope-to-eye alignment.


Are you a beginner or an all-time hunter? Depending on your level and interest, you can always go for a scope with a standard reticle or one with a more complex reticle. Scopes with standard reticle work comfortably with a wide range of hunting rifles. But, you can always go for a more complex one if you are a veteran.

Coating System:

Once you are in the market looking for a hunting scope, you need to take a minute and think about your hunting environment. You might find yourself hunting in a foggy spot or maybe a rain-prone environment. In this case, a fog proof or weatherproof scope will be very helpful.

As a hunter, you are going to need your scope for a long-term course. Therefore, a durable scope in whatever weather might turn out to be very efficient and cost-effective. Some of the coating systems for hunting scopes include:

  • Coated
  • Fully coated
  • Multicoated
  • Fully Multicoated


A good hunting scope should be highly reliable. Irrespective of what you are hunting. You are out for deer or a coyote; you don't want to have your scope adjusting itself accidentally making you hit a miss on your target. Scopes made of low-profile ballistic adjustment knobs tend to be the best since they are capped to avoid such accidents.


A wrong hunting scope will always mess your eye area up. You can acquire a lot of injuries when handling your gun in case you choose the wrong scope. Therefore, comfort should be a priority when choosing your hunting scope.


A true hunter knows how to prepare well for a hunt. There are a lot of things that the hunter has to get right before going out for a kill. Choosing the right hunting scope is crucial. With the best scope for your gun, you can make kills from hundreds of yards away.

Lock on your target and take the shot without a miss you have a holy grail for a scope. Get everything right, from the lens, the size, the brand comfort of your scope.

In conclusion, making the right choice in selecting your hunting scope will mean a lot to your hunting career. Whether you are a professional hunter or just hunting for sport, you have to pick a scope that will always keep you precise on your target.

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