5 Best States For Whitetail Deer Hunting In USA

Northern America is blessed with a lot of places from which you can chase a whitetail deer. This has been made possible by a lot of factors, from administrative policies to climatic favors. Hunters, sportsmen and women enjoy great population of these species in the USA in various states.

In this article, we are going to mention a few popular states that are notorious for whitetail hunting. We are also going to explain why they have thrived as hosts of these animals. There are a lot of issues that make a state great or not in terms of whitetail deer harvest turnout.

I know most of you have read a lot of countdowns and lists of these states with favorable hunting spots for whitetail deer. Therefore, I don’t want to say I’m better than any of them when it comes to deer hunting. But one thing I can assure you, I pulled all the possible research stunts to have this list of states below.

What Makes Other States Have Greater Numbers Of Whitetail Deer:

Before we get to our list of states with better whitetail deer hunting spots, let’s first try to understand why other states are good or bad in terms of population of these species. Like I mentioned at the beginning, there are a lot of factors that boost or derail the numbers of whitetail deer in every state in the USA. Actually, this is not limited to whitetail deer only.

Most hunters in the Northern America are either professionals or in it for sports. And as we all know, in every profession or sports, there must be rules and regulation governing it. The same applies to hunting. The states that have been discussed below have therefore excelled in their hunting policies. This has made them able to maintain a great population of whitetail deer despite having regular hunting activities every year.

Apart from policies and regulations, some other factors that make other states better hunting grounds for whitetail deer include:

  • Favorable Climate
  • Proper Game Management
  • Whitetail Genetics
  • Age structure of the deer hunted
  • Hunter Success Rate

There are way more other factors to mention here, like hunting pressure and so on. But we can leave that for another article and jump straight to our list of best whitetail deer hunting states.


This bluegrass state has scored number one on our top 5 list of best states for whitetail deer hunting in the USA. The secret of Kentucky is very simple, good climate, huge public land and great whitetail genetics. Hunters get excited about this state every time its name comes up.

Personally, the Kentucky state is my all-time favorite hunting destination. The rolling hills and perfect landscape breeds hybrid whitetail deer. The population is exemplary; you can make your way with as much kills as you can afford tags for. This state has it all. With its long friendly seasons, Kentucky yields healthy mature bucks making it the best place for trophy hunting.


Second to our list is the state of Indiana. My, oh my! What can I say? On second thought, Indiana should top this list. I mean, what else does a trophy hunter in the US look for? I’m talking about over 55,000 acres of public land for harvesting whitetail deer. This state has provided typical and non-typical B&C bucks for over 10 years sufficiently.

Indiana actually is number one, and beats Kentucky in a Boonerbuck harvesting possibilities. This Midwestern state has remained a secret for quite a while, the reason as to why it has survived at the top ranks of trophy hunting states this long.


Texas literally has the majority whitetail-producing counties in the whole country. Actually, three of its counties where featured in the top ten with best B&C entries countrywide. I know, it already seems unfair having it at number three. The truth is,it’s not fair at all.

However, looking at the whole picture Kentucky and Indiana offer a lot more favorable whitetail hunting factors.Texas is no fun at all; they literally call it the ‘Wild West’. Hot temperatures and harsh environment makes it pure hell for faint hearted hunters.


Hold on tight, this one is going to blow your mind. Apparently, Kansas has been in the list of top hunting states for years. The reason behind that is very interesting. If you are aspiring to hunt in Kansas, you have to enter a draw and win a lottery, after which a permit is provided. This game management strategy has seen the state maintaining a good population of Boone & Crockett bucks.

What puts this glorious trophy state below the others despite its good whitetail deer population is its limited hunting area. The state has less than 1% of its total area open for hunting. This makes it difficult to land to these beasts.


This is another legendary state for whitetail deer hunting in the USA. Statics of between 2004 and 2010 revealed that the state of Iowa was third generally among states with the best B&C entries in the whole Northern America.

Unfortunately, just like the state of Kansas, there is little public land open for hunting. This explains why it comes at the bottom of our list. Otherwise, a trophy hunter would lucky to find him or herself hunting for bucks in this state.


A great trophy hunter knows well where to make his or her kills. This list makes it much easier for both first time and all time hunters to pick a hunting spot for whitetail deer in the US. Whether it’s a profession or a hobby, hunting can be the best activity when you know the best spots.

There are way more other states that hunting whitetail deer can land you in. For instance, Georgia, Ohio, Arizona, Delaware and much more all have great whitetail deer entries. However, we had room for only 5 best states in the USA for hunting these species. Good luck and have fun in your trophy hunt.

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