8 Tips To Become A Pro Monocular User

Monocular is a refracting telescope used to magnify distant object and is viewed using one eye, unlike binoculars. There are two common types of monoculars that you can use. We have the Porro prism monocular are less expensive to manufacture than other types, but exhibit great optical qualities for those on tight budgets. Their drawbacks are that they tend to be heavier than other types and harder to waterproof. 

Another type is the Roof prism monocular equipped with these prisms tend to be substantially lighter, more durable and tend to be quite expensive.

The popular uses of a monocular are mainly bird watching, fishing, spying, range viewing while hiking and tactical engagement especially in weapons. Although there are other uses like surveying for the monoculars equipped with range finding feature.

Therefore, there are various things that you need to know so that you can become a pro monocular user. They include the following.

1. Identify Your Target:

As they always say it's always very important to be able to identify your target first. I mean you wouldn't want to waste your time looking through for an unidentified object right? So always ensure you have a clear target location using your naked eye before starting to use the monocular.

2. Set Up The Tripod:

If you have troubles stabilizing the monocular using your hands, then it's advisable to use the tripod. And when using a tripod you need to set up the scope first before mounting the monocular. Tripods are used so that it can enable stability hence when you have your target at lock you won't be able to lose it.

Plus almost all professionals will prefer tripods especially when the target view tend to be located at a longer distance. Plus when the monocular is fixed on top of the tripod, they tend to be very little disturbance making it possible to have long range target view with much less frustrations.

3. Get It Closer:

For best results, always tend to keep your monocular very close to your eye in order to help you get the clear target view. Ensure that you always avoid the light and ensure it doesn't get to enter your eye from any gaps or direction so that you can get to focus more on your target without having distractions.

This will be very beneficial to you since you will be able to have a good field of view and get clear shots. Even if you magnify the monocular, your target will still remain very clear and not blurry at all.

4. Use Your Best Eye:

Did you know that all your eyes aren't the same? Yes, one eye tends to be more clear and accurate compared to the other one. So it's advisable to test both eyes so as to know which one is the dominant one. And if you are having troubles identifying your dominant eye, you can always get to identify it with the help of an optician, which is always very accurate, unlike the do-it-yourself test. This will ensure that you get the best from using the monocular.

5. Use It Even With Glasses:

If it happens that you are a glass wearer and always have them on whenever you are carrying out your daily activities, it's advisable that use still wear them when using the monocular. Never hesitate to use the glasses because this will greatly help you get that possible view.

Ensure you have the monocular very close to your glasses in order to prevent light from entering and distorting your view.

6. Adjust The Focus:

I believe that you need to get that best position first by looking at the target with your naked eye. Never move, but instead try as much as possible to maintain your target without moving your head.

And without losing your position, try to use the monocular as earlier discussed so that you can have that clear target view. Usually, the monocular has adjustable knobs which will enable you to adjust the focus which is done manually until you are satisfied that you have the best target view.

It's important to always note of the near objects to the target so that in case you accidentally move your monocular you can easily go back to your target with less strain.

7. Always Use A Grip:

Never ignore the power of having a monocular that has grip. Did you know that monocular grips are very hard to use and can make your target view quite strenuous? Thus try to always consider the monocular that comes with grips made from rubber on the outward parts and has a strap attached to it.

This will tend to assist you when holding the monocular and you will be able to firmly handle the monocular thanks to its rubber grip handle. And since it is small, the straps will help you hold it so it can't fall easily.

8. Refocus:

This is very necessary especially if your target is movable for instance if your target is a bird. So you need to refocus as your target moves which can be either closer or further away from you. Refocussing tends to keep you having that clear target view because if your target moves and you don't refocus then the target image will be distorted.

Try refocussing your monocular lens as you move both your head and body will following where your target goes. It's important to learn to focus your lens and be very quickly while maintaining its accuracy level.


A monocular can be used for various purposes so long as you have the right equipment and knowledge when it comes to its specifications. It will enable you to get a clear view of objects that are at a distance.

So go enjoy your outdoor activities like bird watching or wildlife animal spot without feeling like you are being restricted. Plus it comes with a wider range of specifications including sizes and colors that you can choose from. The above tips will help you use your monocular the right way so you can get the best from the device.

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